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As the father of a young child the incidence of school shootings became evermore horrific with the thought of my daughter facing peril in the place where she's supposed to find learning. I came up with a solution that I submitted to Slalom's IoT hackathon in 2019. With 300 submissions across 3 countries, my team's solution took 2nd place. The concept entails leveraging Amazon Echo devices and the Alexa Guard Feature to run enhanced audio detection capabilities that identify gunshots and their origin within a school building. Instead of being invoked by the default Broken Glass sounds the enhanced Guard skill would be trained to detect gunshots. Telemetry between multiple devices could also aid in triangulating on the geo-position of an active shooter, which could then be alerted to police responders and school officials leading evacuation efforts. This solution isn't limited to only schools but also could be of use in the following industry sectors; Healthcare, Higher Ed, Business, Government, Churches, Indoor Sports Arenas.

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